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The Kalahari Desert is vast and extends 900 square kilometres covering predominately Botswana, but including parts of Namibia and South Africa too.

It is well known for its black-maned lion and is home to the San Bushmen, a traditional hunter-gatherer tribe.

Absorb peace in your surroundings, which appear endless and comprise honey- coloured grasslands set against blue skies. Migrating wildebeest and zebra find their way here between January and March. Watch cheetah stalk their prey on the open plains.

Located in the Central Kalahari Desert are the Makgadikgadi Pans known to the locals as “the land of thirst”. In the dry winter months they comprise vast salt pans which offer a surreal lunar-like spectacle. Be entertained by meerkats which skitter around, and vultures and bateleurs that circle the skies. As rains begin to fall in November/December these grasslands become lush and draw huge concentrations of game and, with these, their hungry predators. Pink flamingo dot the horizon and bring colour to the golden landscape.

Enjoy starlit dinners and re-connect with yourself in your tranquil surroundings. Spend time with the San Bushmen, and learn how they survive their harsh environment by using their unique hunter-gatherer skills with bows and arrows, or surrender to your adventurous streak and enjoy a quad bike across a lunar backdrop.

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